Best Tile for Bathroom Floor

What Kind of Tile is Best for Bathroom Floor?

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Bathrooms are different from many other sections of our home, more so due to the fact that more water is used in them. This therefore translates to the need to come up with unique solutions for the bathrooms. One such main area that should be looked into keenly includes the bathroom flooring.

A lot of thought has to be put into the type of material that makes it to the floor area of these rooms, in order to facilitate their best use.

Aesthetics definitely play a major role in the determination of the material that is used for the bathroom floors but are not sufficient on their own. There are several other factors such as the ease of cleaning, and whether the material in question can accumulate unpleasant odors, which cannot be ignored. We are about to expound on what can be termed as the best tile for your bathroom floor, hence you should read on to be enlightened about it.

What Kind of Tile is Best for Bathroom Floor?

The best kind of tile in as far as bathroom flooring is concerned is porcelain tile. This type has come up as a very popular choice amongst homeowners owing to its very suitable properties. The three main properties of porcelain that make it a favorite are:

  • They are denser than most materials
  • They are less porous
  • They are harder

These properties enable the porcelain tiles to resist stains and water, thus offering better performance in comparison to other materials such as ceramic tiles.

If you like to have your bathroom floors heated in the morning, then porcelain is the best material to use, since it makes your floors feel toasty.

If it is a question of design versatility, then porcelain clinches the top spot indisputably. It is actually very easy for you to find porcelain tiles that mimic natural stone designs such as granite.

If you are all about the exotic and modern designs, then you will definitely come across porcelain tiles that will meet your needs.

What is the Best Non-Slip Bathroom Flooring?

Safety is always in your mind whenever you are walking into any bathroom. You always want to know that you can walk on the wet surface without slipping off. It is also a genuine concern if you already have kids in your house since they would be tempted to play around when showering or when leaving the bathroom. As such a non-slip flooring material can suffice as the best.

Currently, the best flooring that you can use in your bathroom is tile. You can choose from a very wide variety of tiles that are available in the market, but you should definitely try out porcelain.

Porcelain presents a smooth surface that is also non-slip. If you are okay with having a mat or carpet on your bathroom floor, then that is a cheaper option that you can bank on. Your main responsibility should be to purchase a mat that adheres to the surface of your floor since this minimizes the chances of slipping off to almost nil.

What Size Floor Tile Should You Use in a Bathroom?

It is essential for you to know the floor tile sizes that you can use in your bathroom before you purchase them. This will help you approximate the total costs of installing new tiles, in order for you to plan early enough.

Some two decades ago, most homeowners preferred 8 by 8-inch tiles for their bathroom floors. With time, however, most people have switched to larger tiles measuring 12 by 12, 18 by 18, and 24 by 24 inches.

There are companies that have actually begun making 24 by 48, 36 by 36, and 48 by 48-inch tiles. There are also others that are offering porcelain tile planks measuring 4 by 24, 6 by 36, and 6 by 48 inches. With such trends in place, we can expect even more options in the future.

The truth about the selection of tile sizes is that it is all about preference. You do not have to be led into fitting bigger or smaller tiles without any solid reasons. If you have a small bathroom, however, you might want to purchase smaller tiles so that they can be installed evenly. For the larger bathrooms, you have the liberty to experiment with any tile size that you find appealing.

Best Bathroom Flooring Options Tips, Pros & Cons

The market is packed with a variety of bathroom floor tiles that offer various pros and cons. Unless you are already decided about the flooring material you want to use, then you might want to consider what different materials have to offer. In that case, here are some pros, cons, and tips that you can always be sure to recall when going for tile shopping.

1. Porcelain tiles


  • There are very many designs to choose from.
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are waterproof
  • They are water-resistant
  • Quite affordable


  • They may be difficult to install
  • Can get very cold in the cold climate

2. Natural Stone Tiles


  • There is a wide variety to choose from
  • They come in different textures.
  • They are very durable


– Are higher maintenance in comparison to porcelain and ceramic
– Require regular sealing and serious cleaning
– Are expensive

3. Engineered Hardwood


  • It is possible to install them over existing floors
  • There is a wide variety to choose from
  • Are heat and moisture resistant
  • A good option for those who love wood accents


  • Expensive and tough to repair
  • Not waterproof

These are simply a few of the very many options that you will come across in the market. Some of the things you might want to have in mind when purchasing the tiles include:

  • You can purchase higher value tiles to increase the value of your home if you want to sell it.
  • Engineered hardwood is the to-go-with option if you want to install the flooring material yourself.
  • You can purchase ceramic tiles if you are on a tight budget.

Bathroom Floor Tile Buying Considerations

If you have come to the conclusion that your current bathroom tiles are not good enough, and that you need to shop for others, then there are several factors that you should consider. You may already have some in mind, but you will do pretty well if you mainly consider the following elements:

The Purpose of Purchasing the New Tiles

If you want to buy tiles to remodel your home for sale, then high-end tiles are the best option. If you simply want to have new flooring in your home, then you can go with any type of tile, provided your safety is guaranteed.


As always, it is good to spend within your budget.

Safety and Hygiene

The material you choose should guarantee your safety, in that it should be non-slip. It is also advisable to have less porous material that will not hold bacteria and cause unpleasant odors.

Ease of Cleaning

If you do not usually have ample time to scrub your bathroom floor, then you should definitely think about the tiles that you are purchasing. With natural stone tile, you need to be ready to do more cleaning.