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Search Console Validation is added on Hostinger TXT record

Gog Analytics code is added in the child theme functions of X Theme

Gog Analytics code is added in generate press using

When switching themes from child-X them to generate press; check the following;

To Switch to Generate Press Them

  1. Active or Deactivate Generate Press Theme
  2. Activate or Deactivate Plugin GP Premium
  3. In the Widgets Footer Menu to set or deset Ethos Magazine Footer Navigation menu

To check if Gog Analytics is tracking: Login to Google Analytics, and in the sidebar, click on Real Time, then Overview. You should see the total number of visitors on your site.

Feature Image size using Generate Press is 700px by 400px

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Amzn Akey & Skey



alt=”XXXXXXXXXXXXx” title=”Check Price on Amazon” align=”left”
Change SL250 to SL350 (if image is still narrow, change to SL400

Check the Price on Amazon
ETHOS is an organized, responsive design that is perfect for newspaper and magazine
T We call these individual designs Stacks, and they provide you with completely unique website designs built into the powerful X theme
ETHOS is an organized, responsive design perfect for newspaper and magazine sites.

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